The founders of United Exhibition Company LTD are the largest distributors of stationery:
• the company SAMSON LTD https://www.samsonopt.ru/
• the company RELEF https://relef.ru/
• “Stationery business” magazine http://delo-st.ru/

The new exhibition "Russian Stationery Forum - 2020" will offer domestic and foreign participants creative formats, individual approach and optimal opportunities for presenting their products, business communication and business development.

Together we will organize the exhibition that will meet the expectations and needs of every manufacturer and supplier in the office and school supply market segment.
All relevant information about the exhibition can be found on the website https://kancforum.ru/
SAMSON LTD, RELEF and more than 80 the largest companies of the Russian Federation will participate in the exhibition "Russian Stationery Forum-2020" (the market leaders in their product segments and product categories).

ATTENTION! SAMSON LTD, RELEF, BIC, MPM Group, DeVente, FABER CASTELL, NEWELL BRANDS will only participate in the "Russian Stationery Forum-2020" and will not be present in the "SKREPKA" exhibition.
The current scheme of the exhibition: https://kancforum.ru/uchastniki/

Other information about the "Russian Stationery Forum-2020":

The international specialized exhibition of stationery and school supplies "Russian Stationery Forum" is an exhibition of industry leaders. Representing school office and stationery products, goods for hobbies and creativity. The largest b2b platform in Russia.
Traditionally, the exhibition presents new products. The organizers of the exhibition "Russian Stationery Forum" created the conditions as close as possible to ideal conditions - for direct negotiations between suppliers and customers, conducting presentations, obtaining the necessary information and sharing experience.
As part of the exhibition, a large venue for business conferences was organized for company employees. At these conferences, companies exchange experiences and successful cases.

More than 100 participating companies present their products on an area of ​​6,000 m2. Among them are manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Italy, India, Turkey, India, Belarus and many others.

More than 10,000 people and 6,000 companies in Russia, CIS countries and others. The audience of the exhibition is sellers and distributors of office, school goods, goods for hobbies and creativity, children's literature and other goods demanded in offices, online stores, supermarkets. Other related industries also attend the exhibition, with the intention of finding interesting new suppliers on favorable terms of cooperation and purchasing products for their enterprises (more than 85% of visitors decide to purchase exhibitors' products).
Who attends the exhibition:
• Distributors of office supplies and school stationery, hobby and creative products (more than 60% of visitors);
• Employees of purchasing departments of retail chains, online stores;
• Representatives of retail stationery stores for schools and offices, bookstores and children's stores;
• Specialists of art salons and creative materials stores;
• Specialists in office services;
• Procurement managers and secretaries;
• Representatives of federal authorities, ministries and departments;
• Members of advertising agencies and printing houses;
• Specialists in the industry supplying equipment for professional, office and home printing.